About Us

Cathodic Protection Services

Alta-West Cathodic Protection is pleased to provide you with information about the services we offer. As a flexible, full service provider with more than 30 years in business we can tailor a solution for you. Some of the services we offer are;    

  • Annual surveys  
  • Design, construction and system commissioning   
  • Deep Well and Surface Ground Bed Installation  
  • Specialized surveys including coating and indirect assessments
  • Remote monitoring solutions 
  • Material supply and installation   

All our field staff are NACE certified and are highly experienced professionals that are experts in their field. Our staff backgrounds of experience include;    

  • Transmission pipelines 
  • Upstream and downstream facilities    
  • Refineries 
  • Rural and Urban infrastructure  

At Alta-West we believe in having options and you should too. As a flexible, full   service provider our field personal will work directly with you to ensure all work meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards.